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Artsplosure Thanks The Following Sponsors And Patrons For Their Support In 2016-17!

A roster of 2017-18 sponsors will be posted in July 2018. For a list of current festival sponsors, visit and or download the free festival apps from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Presenting Sponsors

Major Sponsors

Carlyle Adams Foundation Logo - Uppercase, thin, red type
Carolina Hurricanes Logo - Red, black, and white swoosh resembling a hurricane
PNC Bank Logo - Orange circle with white triangle inside, uppercase blue "PNC" to right
John William Pope Foundation Logo - Red and blue logo with eagle flying at top

Feature Program / Principal Activity Sponsors

Blue Cross Blue Shield NC Logo - Blue graphics above black serif text
Bud Light Logo - Dark blue type with medium blue border
RA Jeffreys Distributing Co Logo - Black arched serif uppercase type over Letter A with eagle and smaller type
Citrix Logo - Black uppercase sans serif type with inverted "i"
Glenwood Agency Logo - Red "G" graphic and all uppercase dark gray type
Live Work Play logo - Uppercase white type with orange outline
News Observer Logo - Title Case, black, thin, serif font with red ampersand
Target Logo - red target above uppercase red type
Tharrington Smith Logo - Brown and gold with uppercase type
WakeMed Logo - Title Case black serif font with red circle graphic to right
Wells Fargo Logo - Red square with yellow serif type in center

Marketing Sponsors

Propel Marketing Group Logo - Muted blue sans-serif type with orange arrows
Praxis Logo - Uppercase black sans-serif type
Dash Logo - green and navy blue lower case type

Mobile App Sponsor

Blue Pane Studio Logo - medium blue lowercase sans-serif type

PR Sponsor

Fleishman Hillard Logo - Shades of subdued blues and gray uppercase type

Printing Sponsor

Theo Davis Printing Logo - Black square with white "TD" and green box below with white type

Website Sponsor

Pointer Advertising Logo - Black serif font around red circle with a dog in the center

Activity Sponsors

Site Sponsors

General Sponsors

Media Sponsors

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