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Wide Open Bluegrass 2014 – Call For Artists!

Artsplosure will present an artists’ market as part of Wide Open Bluegrass, a major public festival component of the International Bluegrass Music Association’s World of Bluegrass.

The event is presented in partnership with IBMA, the City of Raleigh, Greater Raleigh Convention & Visitors Bureau, and PineCone-The Piedmont Council of Traditional Music. It will be held Friday, October 3 through Saturday, October 4, 2014.

The WOB art market is an intimate showcase, designed to recognize North Carolina’s talented and enthusiastic art community and feature unique artisans from across the United States. Local artists and craftsmen, and those who sell works that will appeal to a music-loving audience are encouraged. The World of Bluegrass event will attract over 6,000 national and international traditional music performers, presenters, and fans — in addition to over 75,000 local attendees anticipated for the two-day Wide Open Bluegrass festival.


Clay and Glass (functional or decorative), Metal and Wood (functional or decorative), Fiber and Leather (wearable/accessories/decorative), Jewelry (all types), Painting, Photography, Traditional Folk Art, Mixed Media (2D or 3D), Other Music Themed Art (*NOT made by the applicant*)

Artwork and Artists Eligible

  • All artisans and craft vendors are welcome to apply. Those who present works catering to music lovers are encouraged.
  • Independent local businesses selling music-themed artwork are also welcome.
  • We will prioritize applicants offering original hand-made art and small independent businesses. Spaces are limited.
  • A strong preference will be given to applicants who present original art that will appeal to traditional music enthusiasts,
  • Artists who represent Raleigh and/or North Carolina traditions in their imagery or craft,
  • Collectible artwork (not made by the applicant) that is specifically related to Bluegrass or other traditional music styles.
  • All work displayed must be for sale.
  • Artsplosure reserves the right to remove displays that have been misrepresented either by the artist’s submitted images or on the application.
  • Booths must be attended by the applicant on both days of the festival (Friday & Saturday).

Items and Vendors that are NOT Eligible

  • Played instruments
  • Music recordings
  • Corporate exhibitors
  • Mass-produced commercial merchandise
  • Food items

NOTE: The above categories may be incorporated within other areas of the festival. If you are interested in participating in a non-art capacity, please contact us at for additional information. Artsplosure reserves the right to final interpretation of appropriateness for the art market portion of the festival.

The Application Process

Each applicant must apply online via our Vendors page.

Instructions are on entrythingy. It will be necessary to set up an account with entrythingy in order to complete your application process.


  • Application Fee (Non-refundable)
  • $15 per application
  • Booth Fee
  • $200 for a single space (10′ x 10′)
  • $400 for a double space (20′ x 10′)

NOTE: Booth Fees will be due upon acceptance. Applicants will be notified by August 1 of their acceptance and will have until August 22, 2014 to submit their full booth fee by CHECK or PAYPAL, or forfeit their space at the festival. Artists on the waiting list will be offered any canceled or forfeited spaces, and booth fees will be due immediately upon acceptance.

Selection Process

Participants will be selected by a jury panel comprised of local visual art professionals and IBMA organizing committee members. The jury will meet following the deadline to review qualified entries. Each entry receives a numerical score from each juror, with the highest scores being selected to participate. The jury’s decisions are final and are not subject to appeal. Notification of acceptance status will be sent by email no later than August 1, 2014.

Wide Open Bluegrass Art Market Important Dates

  • July 14: Application and $15 application fee payment deadline.
  • August 1: Notification of acceptance will be sent by email.
  • August 22: Booth fee payments must be received to confirm participation, or spaces will be forfeited.
  • August 30: Deadline for 50% Booth Fee Refund, upon receipt of written cancellation.
  • Show dates and hours:
      • SETUP: Friday, October 3 from 6:00 am to 10:00 am
      • OPEN TO PUBLIC: Friday, October 3 from 12:00 Noon to 11:00 pm
      • OPEN TO PUBLIC: Saturday, October 4 from 12:00 Noon to 11:00 pm
      • LOAD OUT: Saturday, October 4 from 11:00 pm to 2:00 am

      Default Instructions for Entrants After Entry is Submitted:

      To complete the application process, you must also submit the application fee. Your application will NOT be considered eligible until the application fee has been received.

      All applications require a $15 non-refundable application fee. You may pay the application fee via PayPal using the link below. Please include your Name and Entry Number, as found in the ‘General Entry Information’ section on this page. OR you can print your completed entry, and mail a signed copy with a check payable to ARTSPLOSURE (see below).

      NOTE: To be considered for the festival, the application must be submitted online by 11:59pm July 14, 2014 AND your payment must be received via PayPal or postmarked by July 14. Late submissions or payments will not be accepted.

      If you have questions, please feel free to contact Glynda Westerbeek or (919) 832-8699 ext 803

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